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Nintendo Download: July 25, 2013 – Kid Icarus, Chain Blaster, Angler’s Club, Picross, & Cute Witch!

Nintendo Download: July 25, 2013 – Kid Icarus, Chain Blaster, Angler’s Club, Picross, & Cute Witch!

by Steve CullumJuly 25, 2013

What’s new this week on the Nintendo Download? Kid Icarus hits the Wii U eShop, while Chain Blaster, Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D, Picross e2, and Cute Witch! Runner all arrive on the 3DS eShop.

That wraps it up for this week’s Nintendo Download. Be sure to check out the full list of all the releases and prices below, along with the official press release information, straight from Nintendo of America. And be sure to let us know what game(s) or apps get you excited to play. Let us know in the comments below or in our forums!

Nintendo eShop on Wii U

  • Kid Icarus ($4.99) – Play as Pit, a young angel who has been entrusted with a magical bow and arrow, in this NES™ classic. Fight against hordes of enemies that swoop from above and below, secure the Three Sacred Treasures from their evil guardians and face Medusa in the final battle. Are you the stuff of legends? Restore peace to Angel Land and prove your worth.

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS

  • Chain Blaster ($6.99) – With the world on the brink of destruction, take control of an anti-virus ship and go head to head with wave after wave of enemy ships in a fierce battle to save the world. Fight off the virus ships by firing Chain Blaster shots to set in motion a combo of explosions. The demo and full versions of Chain Blaster are now available.
  • Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D ($29.95) – Angler’s Club: Ultimate Bass Fishing 3D is the supreme fishing experience. Explore the lake and bring serenity and excitement of catching bass to your fingertips. Brilliant Nintendo 3DS graphics make competing in over 40+ tournaments an amazing experience. Customizable characters, lures and reels and gear will make you the ultimate bass fishing champion!
  • PICROSS e2 ($5.99) – This is the sequel to Picross e with a navigation feature to make gameplay even smoother. Like the previous game, this game has 150 new puzzles, plus an all new gameplay element known as Micross.
  • Cute Witch! Runner ($1.99) – CuteWitch! runner is a challenging action game where you have to fly, fly more, and then fly even more! Get all the 32 achievements done and become the number one in the score table. At first, everything is easy: you pick up stars, you earn score points, you fly around the creatures… but soon you’ll be involved in an unleashed race where you’ll have to put your reflexes to test avoiding every obstacle in your way.






[PR Email from Nintendo of America]

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