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Pikmin 3 – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

Pikmin 3 – Tips, Tricks, & Cheats

by Steve CullumAugust 5, 2013

If you are looking for all the tips, tricks, and cheats in Pikmin 3, you have come to the right place. We have compiled all of them below.

SPOILER WARNING: If it was not completely obvious, some of these will contain spoilers, so tread lightly.



  • The best control scheme to use for most players is the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, allowing the GamePad to function as the map.
  • Before starting your day, have a good idea of what you will try to accomplish. Go in with a plan.
  • Use all three of your characters. While splitting up is tougher, you can accomplish much more that way.
  • Be careful using your whistle around water, because Pikmin cannot swim.
  • Fruit: Collect as much as you can!
  • Lock onto enemies (Z or L) before attacking, which allows you to strafe during offense and defense.
  • After locking-on an enemy, use your charge-attack wisely to inflict the most damage.
  • Pikmin, while cute, are expendable. So, if you need to, do not feel bad about losing some along the way.
  • Rock Pikmin will usually take down an enemy faster.
  • Butterflies mean Pikmin nectar, so kill away.
  • If you can, leave Pikmin in the ground, so they can fully blossom into a flower-topped Pikmin.
  • Take time to explore. You will find suit upgrades and other random items along the way.
  • The suit upgrade that allows your entire team to quickly evade attacks is in the snow area.
  • Plant bubbles are very helpful, so collect them whenever you can. In fact, if you can, leave a few Pikmin at the start of the day to collect them.
  • Sometimes, your best offense is a good defense. Know when to retreat, regroup, and try again later.
  • The final boss requires a good mix of all five Pikmin, so keep a good balanced amount of them in your Onion.

Secret Messages

  • There are 10 secret messages in the game. according to game developer, Miyamoto. When you find them all, they will combine into a secret code.


Find all the fruit for the best ending. The difference is that the narrator’s words are different and about a minute longer.

  • Bad Ending: Finish the game not finding enough fruit.
  • Normal/Good Ending: Finish the game with most, but not all, of the fruit.
  • Best Ending: Finish the game with all of the fruit.

Unlockable DLC:

  • According to Miyamoto, there will eventually be new campaign missions and multiplayer maps available via downloadable content (DLC).

Video Guides: Miyamoto and others have created video walkthroughs of some areas. Here they are.


Get to Know the Three Captains

Get to Know the Explorers

Get to Know the Pikmin Types

Mission Mode

Bingo Battle


Did we miss something? Post it in the comments below, and if we can verify it, we will add it in.

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