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Disney Infinity (Wii U) Launch Day Unboxing Video

Disney Infinity (Wii U) Launch Day Unboxing Video

by Hassan AhmedAugust 18, 2013


Today is launch day for Disney Infinity! I recently decided to take the plunge and buy the game for Wii U; the collector in me couldn’t resist the neat figures. Check out the video below for a quick unboxing of my hauls for today, and then read on for a look at my Disney Infinity launch day experience.

I started off the morning by going to Toys “R” Us, and I arrived a few minutes after the store’s opening. There was a huge banner in front of the store advertising the game. I went in and it was not busy at all. There was one guy with his son at the Disney Infinity section, which by the way is massive and takes up a whole aisle. I picked up the Wii U starter pack, the figures for Violet and the exclusive Lightning McQueen (which I wasn’t going to get, but the buy one, get one 50% off deal tempted me), and then one exclusive power disc pack and one regular power disc pack. At the register, I had to get the starter pack separate to use for the 20% off coupon I had because the system was trying to count it with the buy one, get one 50% off sale.

Then, I went to Target across the street. There I saw the same guy with his son and I told him about Wal-Mart’s website having the 3 packs for $15. I picked up the Cars playset, and both 3 packs. They had a much smaller section here compared to Toys “R” Us; it basically was half an aisle with Skylanders taking up the other half. I went to customer service for the price match (the other guy with his son followed too since he was doing the same) and was told the Cars set was street dated for October 14th. So they called someone and after a while the employee said it was a nationwide issue (as many others are also finding out) and was told to come back by around 11 or so, and it should be resolved. I was annoyed, but I really need to save money so I gave them my name and they held the item for me. I’ll see if I can swing by later today for it.


Then I recorded the unboxing video (and you can see my hauls in the image above), and now I’m ready to jump in and play. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post in the comments and I will try and answer them for you. Once I have some time with the game, I will do more detailed videos of each of the packs and explain what they do in the game, as well as show you the figures up-close. I’m off to play some Disney Infinity!

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  • Robert Webster
    August 22, 2013 at 6:04 pm

    Impressive, you really went all in day one. How about the Wii U specific features? Can the gamepad be used for co-op instead of split screen?

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