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First-Impressions – Disney Infinity (Wii U)

First-Impressions – Disney Infinity (Wii U)

by Steve CullumSeptember 3, 2013

First-Impressions of “Disney Infinity” for Wii U by Steve Cullum


Until we post our full review of Disney Infinity, I thought I would share some first-impressions after my first few hours with the game last night. (We did some earlier first-impressions after our time with the game at E3. Check those out as well.)

Yesterday, I decided to finally pick up the Wii U version of Disney Infinity from my local Walmart. When I checked out, the lady said I qualified for a gift card. She adds $15 to it and says it was some deal with the game. Sweet! I basically got the game for only $60, which is much better than $75! I don’t know exactly why they did that, but I’m not complaining. So, if you’ve not grabbed it yet, you might want to check your local Walmart for a deal.

Disney-Infinity-screenshotAnyway, I played some of the Toy Box mode with my wife before jumping into the Monsters University playset for a couple hours. Eventually, I stopped because I was getting motion sickness from riding the bicycle around a lot. Ha! Overall, it is pretty fun so far. However, here are a couple notes of first-impression:

  • The intro is really long, and it takes a bit to figure out what you need to do. One thing to remember — unless I am mistaken, you do not need to seek out every little corner as a “spark;” just keep moving forward.
  • The intro is pretty cool, and it incorporates the basic control tutorial in it, which was very clever.
  • After you are thrown into the Toy Box, you get some instruction on what to do, but you are basically left up to figure it out on your own. It took me a while to realize I needed to put the Playset piece on the pad before I could play the individual character’s levels.
  • After trying many times to connect a Pro Controller, we resorted to a Wii Remote and Nunchuk. I found out later that the Pro Controller is not supported (yet), even though the box says it is. My wife did not like using the Wii Remote and Nunchuk setup, though. She wanted a normal controller, as she kept getting lost with the camera.
  • The enemies on some of the multiplayer adventures are usually difficult for a beginning level. My wife and I both struggled through The Incredibles level where you have to rescue the kids by breaking the capsules.
  • The vehicles take a bit to get use to. If you struggle a lot, I recommend grabbing a slower one.
  • I like the somewhat open-world aspect of the Playsets. It give me some freedom to go out on my own or pick and choose what adventure I go on next.
  • The Toy Box is very expansive in what you can do and build. I have not tried to build my own world yet, but I did like how I could just drop a new feature in at any time. For example, I found one car just sitting there. My wife wanted one, so I just placed one in there for her. Nice!
  • I have not tried going online with Toy Box mode just yet, but Jeremy and Hassan and I are trying to plan a time when we can all get together and try it out. Maybe we will create something cool together.

Have you picked up Disney Infinity yet? If so, do you have any thoughts you want to share with others? Feel free to discuss it below or in our forums.

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