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REVIEW – Turbo Super Stunt Squad (Wii, 3DS)

REVIEW – Turbo Super Stunt Squad (Wii, 3DS)

by Jeremy HardinSeptember 4, 2013

Game review by Jeremy Hardin



Game – Turbo Super Stunt Squad
Version – Wii and 3DS
Rating – E for Everyone
Obtained – Review copy courtesy of D3 Publisher

So we all know that most often times a game based upon a movie is nothing more than a quick attempt to rake in the cash from fans before the hype surrounding the movie dies down .  Today I will be letting you know if Turbo Super Stunt Squad for the Wii and 3DS falls into this predictable pattern, or brazenly blows past our preconceived notions and delivers a reasonable product into the hands of hopeful fans.

Gameplay and Controls

There are 3 modes of gameplay to choose from.  In Tournament you’ll be competing against others snail racers, either AI or local with your friends (sorry 3DS, single-player only) as your race across several different larger than life tracks spread out across a handful of cups.  You are able to choose from a handful of different snail racers and switch out their shells in order to enhance their performance.  Time Trial is exactly what you’d think, you can practice on tracks to beat your best time.  Quick Play is a one track attack meant for those who have limited time to play, or limited interest.  In this case, it would be a limited amount of interest.

Seeing as how the word Stunt is in the title, you’d probably be expecting to execute some cool tricks as you race.  While this is a reasonable expectation, the developers unfortunately made the decision to tie you down to only 4 tricks, which are mapped to your d-pad.  These tricks can be executed after making a jump, and if successful will net you a “power-up.”  Sadly, these power-ups don’t do much to help you out in your endeavors, especially considering the terrible controls and the lack of any sense of real speed.

Moving onto controls, they are simple, but really rough around the edges.  Every single race, of which there were many, I had to practically come to a stop in order to navigate around semi-sharp turns.  The controls are not responsive and more than likely you’ll find yourself going off the edge of a track as you come around corners.  I mentioned the lack of speed above and I mean it.  You truly do move at a snails pace.  The only time this isn’t the case is when you hit a boost pad and then, and only then, will you experience some speed.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics on the Wii version are barely passable, but they’ll do in a punch.  Yes, the environments are larger than life for a snail, and while that is neat to see, it really doesn’t have lasting appeal.  The music is absolutely forgettable, as I wish the voices were, but those stuck in my head (get ’em out!)  As for the 3DS version, the graphics are good for a handheld, but so much more could have been done.  The audio/sounds were just as bad as the Wii version.

Final Score: 1 out of 10

Turbo Super Stunt Squad is nothing more than a generic kart racer with many negatives, most especially it’s severe lack of enjoyment.  Sorry to disappoint all you hopeful fans out there, Turbo is not the game to pick up.  Of course, the Wii U version is a different game altogether and I would suggest you at least go and rent that version.  Otherwise, steer clear, that is if you can (get it? I was making a pun at the expense of the terrible handling of characters….ah forget it.)

+Decent amount of tracks to race through

-Bland visuals
-Lack of decent audio/music tracks (repetitive when it does play)
-Respawning is quite slow
-Controlling characters is rough, especially around corners
-No real stunts to perform
-Slow as a snail, REALLY.


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