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Miiverse Gets General Activity Feed Posts, Bigger Screenshots, & More

Miiverse Gets General Activity Feed Posts, Bigger Screenshots, & More

by Steve CullumSeptember 11, 2013


Miiverse got another update today that included Activity Feed posts, larger screenshots, and more. To tell us all about it, here is Tom’s Miiverse Announcement:

Hi it’s Tom at Nintendo.

We updated Miiverse today and here are the list of changes:

-Wii U and web versions
1. You can now post messages from the Activity Feed.
The posts you make from the Activity Feed won’t appear in the community, and will only be shown in you, your followers and your friends’ activity feeds, and the list of activities on your profile screen.
Note that the posts won’t appear in the Activity Feed of someone who’s not following you.

So for example, from now on post to that software or game’s community messages that you want everyone to see, or post from the Activity Feed if you only want to post a message to your friends or followers.

Posts made from the Activity Feed can be commented and Yeah’d on just like other posts.

2. We moved the Art Academy: SketchPad community from “Wii U Games” to “Other”.

-Wii U version
We updated the Miiverse Manual into a Q&A format.
If you have any questions about Miiverse, please take a look at the manual by going to User Menu > Setting/Other > Manual on Wii U, and User Menu > Support on web.

-Web version
You know those screenshots that appear in posts and comments? We made them larger.

That’s all I have for today.


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