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Video Games Live: Level 3 Successfully Kickstarted – Now What?

Video Games Live: Level 3 Successfully Kickstarted – Now What?

by Steve CullumSeptember 13, 2013


Video game composer and friend of NintendoFuse, Tommy Tallarico, has been hard at work promoting his first Kickstarter project, and two days ago, it met its goal of $250,000. This project is Video Games Live: Level 3, the third album of popular video game music recorded by the orchestra, choir, and rock compilation of Video Games Live (VGL). They have made a name for themselves by touring the world and putting on shows for thousands of people with multimedia, lights, integrated game video, crowd participation, and well-known music from video games. For their third album, though, Tallarico headed to Kickstarter. Previous albums were funded primarily internally by himself, so this is the first time he has turned to the VGL fans.

There were many levels of funding, which all boasted rewards worth much more than the amount they pledged. The time has now passed for supporting the campaign via Kickstarter, but Tallarico realizes some might have held off or just missed the opportunity to jump on board. Thus, VGL is offering, for a limited time, the ability to support six of the tiers via Paypal. Just head to their site.

So, what now? One of the biggest points of this album is that Tallarico is focused on having the original artists playing in each recording. Over the next few months, they will be gathering the rights, getting the artists and musicians together, and recording the album.

We would like to congratulate Tallarico and VGL for their successful campaign. We also want to thank him for his two podcast interviews. We wish them the best, and we cannot wait until we begin to receive our Kickstarter rewards, including the new album!

VGL on NintendoFuse:

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