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Pokemon X Y Adventure Log

Pokemon X Y Adventure Log

by Alexandre TrottierOctober 11, 2013


Table of Contents:

Day 0 – Foreword (Read below)

Day 1 – Bubblebeard and the First Gym

Day 2 – Pokemon-Amie, Super Training, and the Mystery of Mega Evolution

Day 3 – A Whole Lot of Rocks 

Day 4 – Sticks and Mega Stones 

Day 5 – Coumarine City and the Plant Badge 

Day 6 – Poképop Quiz

Day 7 – The Small Things 

Day 8 – In a Gym on a Sphere in Space in a House in a Hole on the Bottom of the Sea

Day 9 – The Successes and Downfalls of X/Y’s Story

Day 10 – The Eighth Gym and Photo Gallery

Day 11 – Victory Road, the Elite Four and the Postgame (NEW)

Day 0 (Foreword):

The launch of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y is upon is, and in a few short hours people from all around the world will be enjoying the games (provided their local stores haven’t already broken the street date). Of course, NintendoFuse will be reviewing the games, but rather than rush through the adventure in order to write a review as quickly as possible, I will be recording my adventures in a special feature on the site in order to savour the experience.

Ever since details about the game started being leaked online, certain people have been extra cautious to ensure that they could play the game without having the experience ruined. With that in mind, I decided to include two portions to my Pokémon X Y Adventure Log:  a spoiler-free section and one where I go into detail about my experiences.

In the spoiler-free section of the feature, precise details will be avoided in place of my personal feelings, emotions and thoughts about that section of the game. I’ll outline my reactions to new Pokémon (without describing the creatures themselves), whether or not the story has me engaged, and reactions to the game as a whole. I’m assuming that X and Y will still feature eight gyms, an Elite Four and an endgame, so I will refer to my progress with these series staples as my points of reference. Any further details will be avoided.

In the second section I will very explicitly describe where I have traveled, story elements, gameplay features and which Pokémon I have seen/caught. If you pick up the games on launch day, I encourage you to follow along with me and post your thoughts in the comments below. Unfortunately, I have no 3DS screenshot/video capturing devices so any screenshots you see will not likely be of the highest quality. Nevertheless, I still aim to provide an engaging, quality feature that all of NintendoFuse can enjoy and appreciate together!


This post will be updated to feature a table of contents. New entries in the Adventure Log will be featured under “Recent Articles” as they go up. 


Alexandre Trottier has been on Team Froakie since X and Y were first announced, and can’t wait to name him Dr. Bubblebeard. Who is your favourite 6th gen starter? What excites you the most about the new games? Are you happy to see a spoiler-free feature that still gives you a taste of what to expect from the games? To let us know, you can tweet @NF_Alexandre or @Nintendo_Fuse, post on the official NintendoFuse Facebook page, comment on/share the article by scrolling down, or head over to the NintendoFuse forums where we have a great X and Y thread. Better yet, do all of the above!

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