Wii Party U – Impressions Part 1

Wii Party U is a gigantic game, filled with over 80 mini games! Due to the overwhelming amount of games, I will not be able to have a full review right away. I want to get a good handle on all the games before I give it a final score. I hope you don not mind. Until then, I thought I would do some periodic updates on the games I have played. So, here is part 1 of my Wii Party U impressions.

Gameplay Trailer for Wii Party U

Demolition Row
This is a Tetris-type puzzle game, where you will compete with a friend. All blocks are shaped as a plus sign (+) and contain various colors. Your job is to match colors to make them disappear. As you do this, you will send blocks to your opponent. This was the first game my wife and I played, and after a couple rounds, we finally got the hang of it. It is probably one we will come back to again and again.

Big-Bang Blasters
This is similar to the Wii game, Boom Blox, where you will take turns knocking over blocks by shooting at them. The only complaint I have about this is that it was too short. I would really like to have more rounds, as this was very fun.

Bridge Burners
In this mini game collection, you cooperate with your partner to achieve a goal on a random game. If you complete it, you move on. If not, you lose a chance (only three before you lose altogether). These games were actually pretty challenging, because they often focused on quick reactions with eye-hand coordination.

Tabletop Foosball
This was played entirely on the GamePad, as each player controlled the team with the analog stick. This was tough to get the hang of, and I found my wife getting it much faster. I lost miserably, and I blame it all on the controls, because I am a sore loser.

Animal Matchup
This is another game played on the GamePad. You work with your teammate to find the correct tile each time. Every so often, you compete in a co-op mini game in order to get another sneak peek under the tiles. If you do better on the mini game, you get a longer peek. This was actually quite fun, and I will probably go back to this one often.

Squeaky Hammers
This was a quick mini game played with four players whacking each other with toy hammers. The only thing about this one was that it was incredibly quick. If you played it during a larger board game, it makes sense, but it would have been nice to have options for longer play when playing it by itself.

Overall, it seems like the overall game is very fun, and there are many options there to find a game everyone can enjoy. For the most part, though, most of the games are better played in a collection instead of on their own, due to their small size. So, as with Mario Party, it might be better to grab a group of four people and play through a board game or Bridge Burners, for instance, so you get a wide variety of mini games thrown at you at random.

More to come later, in part 2

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