Club Nintendo – Four New Games Available

Lately, Nintendo has been offering downloadable games in exchange for “coins” via their Club Nintendo service. Club Nintendo lets you redeem codes inside first-party (and select third-party) video games for coins, which you can use to acquire a variety of different rewards. If you don’t have an account, you should hurry and get one before these great games are gone:

Club Nintendo November Update

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past: Just in time for A Link Between World‘s release on 3DS is the Super Nintendo classic, available for download on the Wii Virtual Console. If you’re interested in the new 3DS title, you might want to give this a look! You can check out a trailer for A Link Between Worlds right here.

Metroid: The first game in the “Metroid” franchise, originally for the Nintendo Entertainment System, is now available on 3DS. Be sure to have a guide or pen and paper handy- mapping out the world will keep you from getting lost!

Dillon’s Rolling Western: An original 3DS eShop title that combines tower defense and action gameplay with a wild west theme. You can read NintendoFuse’s review here!

Art Style:  A puzzle/shooter hybrid that graced Nintendo’s WiiWare service back in 2008. Want a blast from the past? You can read our article from when the game was first released by following this link.

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  • Steve

    Grrr. I knew I should have waited on buying ALttP! Oh well… (btw, thanks for doing this, as I forgot this month.)

    • Gamer_Greg

      I would have gotten it, but oh wait I bought it on Wii a LONG time ago ;). Now how about that $1.50 update!?