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How to Combine Wii U and 3DS NNID and eShop Accounts

How to Combine Wii U and 3DS NNID and eShop Accounts

by Steve CullumNovember 13, 2013

UPDATE: The 3DS firmware update is now live, and you can combine your accounts. See below for a short list of steps.

Nintendo has finally allowed us to combine our eShop accounts on Wii U and 3DS. This will come alongside the 3DS firmware update in December 2013. You may be asking yourself, though, what you need to do in order to combine the accounts. It does not happen automatically. Lucky for you, we have all the details you should need.


What does it mean to have a combined Nintendo Network ID?

This is a unique username that will allow you to access the eShop, Miiverse, and more.

If you already have a Wii U, you will need to apply that same NNID to your 3DS. If you do not have a NNID from your Wii U already, you can create a new one on your 3DS.

Please note: Only one ID may be registered on a 3DS. This is different than the Wii U, which allows for multiple accounts. If you want to transfer your NNID to a new 3DS, you will need to use the “Transfer title and data” procedure on your 3DS.

When is this available?

As of a firmware update for Nintendo 3DS on December 9, 2013, you are able to register your existing NNID (from Wii U) or create a new NNID.

What do I do?

  1. Update your 3DS firmware (either done automatically or through your system settings).
  2. Go into your system settings.
  3. Click Nintendo Network ID (top of the screen).
  4. Choose to either go with an existing NNID or create a new one.
  5. Input all your info (NNID, email, Mii, etc.)
  6. Have fun with having combined Miiverse, eShop balances, and wish lists.

Already have a Wii U NNID?

In order to combine your eShop accounts, you must register the same NNID to your 3DS that already exists on your Wii U. This will allow you to combine your eShop balances from each console.

Need to create a new NNID on 3DS?

If you create a new NNID on your 3DS, and later pick up a Wii U, you may use that same username in order to combine your eShop balances.

Do I have to create a NNID on my 3DS?

You will be required to create one for game demos or other free software on 3DS. Paid content will not require it, which allows you to use your remaining balance.

You will also require a NNID in order to utilize Miiverse on 3DS and Wii U.

Future Nintendo services will also use NNID.

That’s it for now. Check back often for more details. You can also check out

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