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Mario Party: Island Tour – Bowser’s Tower Footage

Mario Party: Island Tour – Bowser’s Tower Footage

by Alexandre TrottierNovember 15, 2013

Mario Party: Island Tour is launching on the Nintendo 3DS on November 22nd, 2013. Until you can get your hands on the game, why not watch a few videos of it?

Bowser’s Tower is one of the more prominent single-player features in the game, in addition to being able to challenge computer-controlled opponents across the game’s boards or in minigame competitions. In Bowser’s Tower, you compete against the King Koopa’s cronies in your effort to make it to the top. In the video below, you’ll see up to the tower’s first boss fight. Enjoy!

Or alternatively, visit it using this link:


Alexandre Trottier’s parents always complain about the amount of partying he’s been doing lately. Between Mario Party: Island Tour and Wii Party U, there’s no denying that he’s been involved in a lot of them. Is it bad for his health? Maybe. Is it a lot of fun? You’ll have to wait for the review on November 22! You can tweet him @NF_Alexandre if you have questions about the game, or discuss it on the NintendoFuse forums where there are plenty of interesting discussions going on. Be sure to comment below, and use the various social media buttons to share this post!

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