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StreetPass Network Transfers Website Domain to Nintendo

StreetPass Network Transfers Website Domain to Nintendo

by Steve CullumNovember 20, 2013

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StreetPass has been a great service, which has connected gamers all over the world through their Nintendo 3DS consoles. There are even several StreetPass communities that have begun around the world, in order to collaborate on events. Joshua Lynsen, who founded the first StreetPass group in the D.C. area also created a website in March 2011, which collected all StreetPass communities, news, and events. Today, Lynsen announced, on the website, that he has released control of the domain to Nintendo of America. The original site will remain at a WordPress URL for historical reference.

There is no word yet if Nintendo plans to do anything with the domain, including running their own StreetPass network. For now, the domain redirects to Nintendo of America’s main website, and they have stated their main reason for purchasing it was to protect their intellectual property.




StreetPass Network Founder Joshua Lynsen, left, and Nintendo of America’s Pierre-Paul Trépanier worked together to facilitate transfer of the domain.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Nov. 20, 2013) — StreetPass Network, an organization connecting Nintendo 3DS gamers across the world, today announced it has transferred control of the domain to Nintendo of America Inc. StreetPass Network will undertake no further activities, and the many StreetPass enthusiast groups that comprised StreetPass Network will now operate as fully individualized entities.

Nintendo accepted control of the domain following a collaborative and proactive discussion with StreetPass Network to protect Nintendo’s intellectual property, including its StreetPass trademark. The domain, which previously hosted the StreetPass Network website, now directs to

“I’m extremely grateful to Nintendo for allowing me to have played in its sandbox, so to speak,” said Joshua Lynsen, founder of StreetPass Network. “And after years of me finding value in Nintendo’s creations, I’m honored and humbled to know Nintendo found value in one of mine.”

Lynsen, who also founded the world’s first StreetPass enthusiast group with StreetPass DC, registered the domain in March 2011. He used it to launch StreetPass Network, an organization that endeavored to unite the many StreetPass enthusiast groups inspired by StreetPass DC; educate group leaders on best practices; and empower Nintendo 3DS owners to more easily connect with the StreetPass enthusiast group nearest them.

At the time of the domain’s transfer, StreetPass Network included 149 groups across five continents representing 58,508 members. These groups will operate as fully individualized entities going forward. StreetPass Network, which generally operated under a decentralized structure that emphasized local control, will undertake no further activities as an organization.

“I’m excited that StreetPass enthusiast groups across the world will continue to hold events, build communities and forge friendships,” Lynsen said. “The endurance of these altruistic efforts beautifully demonstrates how one idea can spark change. I shall always cherish the goodness that resulted from me sharing my idea with the world.”

The core StreetPass Network website,, will remain active for a time purely as a historical reference. No further updates to the website are planned.

[PR Email from Joshua Lynsen]

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