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Super Mario 3D World – Cheats, Tricks, Secrets, Tips, & Unlockables

Super Mario 3D World – Cheats, Tricks, Secrets, Tips, & Unlockables

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 21, 2013


We are compiling a list of Super Mario 3D World cheats, tricks, secrets, tips, and unlockables. You can submit anything you find here.

Tips & Tricks

Change Level Flags
If you reach the top of a flag pole, the flag on the map screen will turn gold instead of red. If you get all the Green Stars in a level, a spinning Green Star will appear above the flag pole.

Warp from World 4-2 to World 5
Make sure you have the cat suit. After you come out of the underground zone you will see a mystery box with a Warp Pipe. Run along the wall to reach the top of waterfall and then jump across the poisonous water to see the Red Warp Pipe. Hop on down the pipe and you’re in World 5.

Hidden Luigis
Scattered throughout the game are 8-bit Luigis. Most are hidden under ‘?’ blocks or by seeing them through binoculars during certain moments throughout the game. We’ll continue to update specific locations as the data/tips roll in.

How to Get Sparkling Stars
If you intend on picking up the Sparkling Stars from the top of flagpole on a particular level then you need to make sure that you do not pick up the Invincibility Leaf on that particular level. You also need to know that you will get the Invincibility Leaf after dying five times on any given level.

How to Get Five Stars
Attaining Five Stars is a way of determining your progression for 100% completion. Getting Five Stars on your Save File require you to complete certain objectives as given below:

1-Star: Complete the game until the 8th World.
2-Stars: Acquire all Green Stars until 8th World.
3-Stars: Complete Star World, Mushroom World, and Flower World.
4-Stars: Acquire all Green Stars in the first 11 Worlds.
5-Stars: Acquire all Green Stars, Stamps, beat all the Worlds with every character, and hit all the Goal Posts.

How to Earn Bonus Stamps
Getting all the Stamps in Super Mario 3D World is a requirement to attain 5-Stars on your Save File and to ultimately attain 100% completion. If you cannot get all the Stamps then you probably need to complete the game with every character which can be sped up by playing multiplayer.


Unlockable Character: Rosalina
Rosalina will be an unlockable playable character in Super Mario 3D World, as revealed in November 13th’s Nintendo Direct. She’ll have a special spin attack.

Unlockable Luigi Bros. Mini-Game
A modified version of the NES version of the classic Nintendo arcade game Mario Bros. called Luigi Bros. can be played from the menu screen of Super Mario 3D World. Luigi Brothers can be unlocked in Super Mario 3D World by two ways; the first way requires having a copy of New Super Luigi U and have a Save File of the game on your Wii U prior to starting the game. The second way is if you beat the first 8 Worlds of the game and you will automatically unlock it.


Super Mario 3D World Cheat: Infinite Lives on World 1-2

Head to World 1-2, grab a green shell, and bounce it against the wall and do the classic turtle jump trick for infinite lives.

Super Mario 3D World Cheat: Secret Warp Pipe in 1-2 (Warp to World 2)

Head to World 1-2, get the cat suit on, then at the last wall at the end of the level, climp on up and you’ll find a red warp pipe that let’s you warp to World 2.


How to get all green stars:

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