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Super Mario 3D World Hip-Hop Remix by Dj Cutman

Super Mario 3D World Hip-Hop Remix by Dj Cutman

by Steve CullumNovember 25, 2013

Dj Cutman has released his hip-hop remix of the Super Mario 3D World theme. Check it out.

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If you like this remix, remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe! This is my remix of Nintendo’s Super Mario 3D World’s main level music / overworld theme. I saw the video of musicians playing this in the recording studio and I was so inspired that I couldn’t help but make this hiphop infused remix! Super Mario 3D World is out now on Wii U, and it is awesome. This tune was originally composed by Koji Kondo, Mahito Yokota, Toru Minegishi, and Yasuaki Iwata.

The soundwaves on the top and bottom of the screen are captured from my Ableton Live project. The top waveform is my remixed drums and percussion, the bottom is the original song. Check out the walkthrough of my project file:…

Footage from Eurogamer (clearly). Thanks for the awesome video, guys!

[via Youtube]

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