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Miiverse Updated in Preparation for Launch on 3DS

Miiverse Updated in Preparation for Launch on 3DS

by Steve CullumNovember 27, 2013


Miiverse received yet another update today. All in all, it did not change much. The biggest change included a redesign of the communities page. Now, all communities are shown in one list, but you can filter them using a menu. Also, you can no longer view the number of “yeahs” you have received on your profile. Instead, you will see the ones you have given. Another feature changes the default display of a community to now show “player posts” instead of recent posts. One more we noticed was that game communities have the console listed under the title of the game. All of this is in preparation for the launch of Miiverse on 3DS, which is supposed to happen in December 2013.

Below is a message explaining the update, straight from Miiverse Tom, himself:


Hi everyone, it’s Tom at Nintendo.

You may have already found out that we made a change to Miiverse today.

We’re getting ready for the Nintendo 3DS version of Miiverse coming in December, and this update prepares Miiverse so we can accommodate all the new 3DS users who will be joining us once the service begins. To prepare for the large number of new users that we’re anticipating, we worked on cleaning up a lot of things behind the doors, and made some changes on how Miiverse works on the outside. When the 3DS version service begins, you’ll notice newly created communities for 3DS games will show up right by the existing communities on Wii U.

Here are the key changes that were made to both Wii U and web versions with today’s update:

1. We put a fresh coat of paint on the community list screen. It now displays more communities, and on the Wii U version there’s a filter button that shows the communities by their categories like before. You can also press the “Favorite Communities” button on the top right of the screen to show a list of communities that you marked as your favorites.

2. Instead of showing the total number of Yeahs you received, the profile screen now show the total number of Yeahs you gave to others. Like with the spirit of Thanksgiving, we made this change so everyone can focus on giving Yeahs to posts and users they like and respect. The number of Yeahs will still be displayed on each individual posts, so good posts and drawings will still get a lot of Yeahs. Beginning this Thanksgiving and beyond the holidays, I hope people can give Yeahs and be thankful to others.

3. We also changed the default display setting when you enter a community. It now displays posts made by people who played the game first. You can always press the “All Posts” button to display posts from everyone.

The announcement that Miiverse will be coming to Nintendo 3DS was made in the Nintendo Direct last month, and everyone at Nintendo are excited and looking forward to the change. If you already have a Nintendo Network ID, you can use that to log right in on your 3DS. Please visit the official Nintendo website to find out more.

Happy Thanksgiving!

[via Miiverse]

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