The Ultimate Nintendo Christmas Wardrobe

Christmas is a time for family, good food, the spirit of giving and… ugly sweaters! We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Nintendo/Christmas-themed clothing out there, and you can order them online right now! We’ll keep updating as we find more cool stuff.

1. Catch’m Holiday

Pokemon Christmas

This glorious sweater, featuring the original 151 Pokemon drawn in a unique art style, can be picked up right here for a mere $25! Is it worth it? Absolutely! It’s Alex’s personal favourite.

2. Triforce Holiday

Triforce Holiday

Nothing screams “Happy Holidays” quite like an elf clad in green, but this sweater has traded Hyrule’s hero in favor of the very festive-looking items he encounters along his journey. You can pick it up at RedBubble!

3. Super Ugly Christmas Sweater

Mario Holiday

I would have probably given this one a more accurate name, like “A Very Mario Christmas”, but it’s still a pretty neat, festive design! You can snag this one at RedBubble, too!

4. Gamer Holiday Sweater

Retro ChristmasThis glorious sweater merges together everything that made your childhood awesome! Grab it over at TShirtLaundry for a mere $12.00! (Regular $19.99, grab it before the sale ends!)

5. Q*Bert Christmas Tree Shirt

Q-Bert Christmas

This shirt brings together Galaga, Tetris, Dragon Quest, Q*Bert and The Legend of Zelda in one fantastic design! Want your own? Grab it here.

6. Mario Ugly Holiday

Mario Ugly Christmas

If you’re searching for a big, warm sweater full of garish colours then look no further! has you covered! And $20? What a steal! It’s only available for pre-order until December 9, so get it while it’s till around.

Have you found a sweater we missed? Send an e-mail to or a tweet to @NF_Alexandre and we’ll be sure to update our list ASAP! Be sure to spread the word… we want to make this the best list of Christmasey Nintendo clothing you can find!

Alexandre TrottierĀ almost loves sweaters as much as he loves Nintendo, so when you combine the two he couldn’t be more ecstatic! And why shouldn’t he be? He needs them to survive the harsh Canadian winters. You can send him a tweet @NF_Alexandre, check out the NintendoFuse YouTube page or leave a comment/like/share below to really warm his heart!

About the author:

When Alex was young, he used to cry whenever his parents tried to hand him a game controller. Having complete control over the life of a red-clad Italian plumber was just too daunting to him. Nowadays, he only cries when the controller’s taken away.

Hailing from the frigid tundras of Canada, Alex plays video games not only to entertain himself, but also as a source of warmth to get him through the winter. He loves all genres of video games, the more difficult the better. Some of his current favourites include Citizens of Earth, Super Smash Bros. and Monster Hunter.

Alex – who has written posts on NintendoFuse.

  • TheNightoftheLivingDad

    Lol. This list is rad. To bad they don’t carry the Pokemon one anymore. Are you going to make a new list for this year?