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Ubisoft Doesn’t Acknowledge Wii U as ‘Next-Gen’ in New Rayman Trailer

Ubisoft Doesn’t Acknowledge Wii U as ‘Next-Gen’ in New Rayman Trailer

by Alexandre TrottierDecember 11, 2013

In a recently-released announcement trailer for Rayman Legends on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft describes the game as being “The Best Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 Platformer of 2013” and states that it’s coming “to next gen”. The trailer itself is pretty neat, and features Snoop Lion being sucked into the game. Unfortunately, Ubisoft fails to mention Wii U in the trailer at all.

Perhaps this isn’t as big of an issue as I’m making it out to be. After all, the main purpose of the trailer is to announce the PlayStation 4 and XBOX One versions of the game, and it makes sense that they would portray  them as upgrades from the PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360 iterations. As well, the Wii U isn’t directly related to this announcement.

On the other hand, the game DID sell best on Wii U and it was initially designed for that system. It would have been nice if they showed the struggling system some love. It’s no secret that the game sold relatively poorly on all platforms, but it had the most success on Wii U and mentioning it in this trailer certainly couldn’t have hurt them at all. It’s very discouraging to see a company that I thought wanted to support Nintendo not mentioning the game system that brought in most of Rayman Legend‘s revenue.

Steve does an excellent job of expressing his frustration with regards to the situation the Wii U is in right here:

Take a look at the trailer for the game, and if you feel like it’s unfair that the Wii U isn’t mentioned at all you can voice your opinion in the video’s comments. Quite a few people have done so already.

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