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Four On-Sale eShop Games You NEED to Pick Up This Holiday Season

Four On-Sale eShop Games You NEED to Pick Up This Holiday Season

by Alexandre TrottierDecember 19, 2013

Getting some extra eShop cash this holiday season? Some of Alex’s favourite indie games are on sale from now until January 3, 2014. Just in case you need convincing, he’s written a mini review for each of them.

Cave Story: First released on PC in 2004, Cave Story made the jump to WiiWare in 2010 and felt right at home on Nintendo platforms. Reviewers have likened it to Super Mario BrothersMega Man II and Blaster Master with good reason – it combines precise platforming, exciting shooting combat and its own unique gameplay elements to provide not only one of WiiWare’s premiere gameplay experiences, but one of the best video games you can find (Just ask Ashley Davis of Destructoid). Its music, graphics and story are all fantastic, and make it a must-play for any gamer with a passion for the classics.

In 2011, Cave Story + was released on Steam and it combined the main story, extra modes, and special musical remixes of the WiiWare version with a new level – the Wind Fortress, which was incentive enough for those who previously purchased the game to buy it again. It’s just that good. All the Cave Story +  content is available in the 3DS eShop version of the game, so go download it right now!

VVVVVV: The ultimate title for any video game masochist is VVVVVV. Its brutally hard and addictive gameplay is what makes it so beloved among the connoisseurs of indie games. This reviewer died almost 1000 times upon his initial playthrough of the game. Fortunately, an abundance of checkpoints prevents the game from ever becoming too frustrating, so even less hardcore gamers can still enjoy it.

The eShop version comes packed with levels made by other developers (including one by Notch, the creator of Minecraft), time trials and several other features that will keep gamers coming back for more. Although the main game can take anywhere between 5-10 hours to complete, when you factor in all the other features the game has to offer one could easily spend upwards of 30 hours in it.

If you want something to impress/scare the pants off of you before you play the game, check out a speed run of the final level:

NightSky: From the creator of Knytt Underground (available on the Wii U eShop right now) comes NightSky, a puzzle platformer where the player controls a ball through eleven different areas, each with their own set of unique challenges. The gameplay makes use of the sphere’s physics and controls, and will challenge all levels of players through its “Normal” and “Alternative” difficulties. The game features a similar graphical style to Knytt, where the foreground consists entirely of shadows. Ambient music plays throughout, and despite the challenging puzzles it creates a very relaxing atmosphere.

The game was initially slated to come to WiiWare, but was switched over to the 3DS and released in 2012. You can watch the original trailer here:


Ikachan: Another game from the creator of Cave Story, Ikachan spotlights one of the characters from Cave Story in their own undersea adventure. Featuring graphics and music similar to Cave Story, Ikachan has its own set of unique controls but provides a more bite-sized adventure (around an hour in length). If you loved Cave Story and are craving more from the same programmer, Ikachan might just be worth the price despite its length.

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