What’s Your New Year’s Gaming Resolution?


Here we are one week into the new year. Many people have been talking about their New Year’s Resolutions — exercise more, stop smoking, volunteer more, save money, recycle, etc. While all those things are great, we want to know if you have made any gaming resolutions. And no, I don’t mean 1080p.

Maybe there is a game you have wanted to beat for a long time, but you have been putting it off. Maybe there is an old game that you have not played in a long time, but you would love to play again. Maybe you want to beat a specific number of games this year. Maybe you want to win a particular tournament. Maybe you want to create your own game. Maybe you want to attend a gaming event. Maybe you want to pull yourself away from a gaming addiction. I think you get the idea.

My gaming resolution is finish the campaign modes in both Assassin’s Creed 3 and Call of Duty: Ghosts. I am enjoying both games, but with other things going on in my life, I did not get to finish either game’s campaign. I would like to do that sometime this year.

Just for good measure, I’ll even throw in a second resolution. I would like to make a few friends at PAX East this year. It is an event I have been attending since it began, but unless I go with someone from NintendoFuse, I tend to keep to myself. This year, I’d like to meet at least a couple new people.

They say that one of the ways you can reach your resolution is to put it in writing and make it known. So, here is your chance. What is your New Year’s Gaming Resolution? Feel free to leave it in the comments or post it in our forums.

Also, our current PollFuse is related to New Year’s Resolutions, in general, so be sure to vote.

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  • Jonathan Cogswell

    Resolution… Get to platinum rank in League of Legends.

  • http://www.nintendonoob.com/ Ron

    I put off playing Assassin’s Creed 3 on the Wii U. I should finish it this year whenever I have time. Also, I’d like to actually play a Zelda game. I haven’t played any Zelda since Skyward Sword.

  • http://www.wiinintendo.net Jeremy Hardin

    Finish my pending reviews! Oh and beat AC3, as well as the rest of my backlog.