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What’s New on YouTube? (01/11/2014)

What’s New on YouTube? (01/11/2014)

by Alexandre TrottierJanuary 11, 2014

“What’s New on YouTube?” is a new feature that showcases the new content on NintendoFuse’s YouTube page, as well as a couple interesting Nintendo-related videos from around the web. Every Monday is “Music Monday”, where we upload a new song from Nintendo games. You can even vote on what next week’s song will be in the comments. On “Feature Fridays”, we’ll try to upload at least one new video feature. Additional content such as playthroughs and commentaries may pop up at random throughout the week. Enjoy!

New on NintendoFuse:

ROM Hack Replay: Episode 1 – “Peach & Daisy in the Ultimate Quest

Video - Peach & Daisy 1 (site)

ROM Hack Replay is a new feature that showcases some of the coolest modifications of classic Nintendo games made by fans. The series integrates YOU, the viewer, by encouraging you to vote on the next ROM hack or game we play. In the inaugural episode, Alex plays through a really cool, pretty difficult mod of Super Mario Bros. 3 that features Princess Peach!

ROM Hack Replay: Episode 2 – “Pokemon of the Past”

Video - Pokemon to the Past 1 (site)

The second episode of ROM Hack Replay shows off a Legend of Zelda/Pokemon crossover. Unfortunately it’s not too great, but the terrible translation is worth a laugh!

Audio – A Link Between Worlds Title Screen

Audio - ALBW Title Screen

Here’s a sneak-peek at Monday’s edition of “Music  Mondays”, the song that plays on the title screen (and in the cutscene that plays if you don’t press “Start”).  Don’t forget to comment the song you want to see next!

Super Mario 3D World Playthrough

Video - Super Mario 3D World Playthrough World 1

Greg has been doing an awesome playthrough of Super Mario 3D World for NintendoFuse – be sure to check it out right here!

Mario Party: Island Tour Footage

Video - Mario Party Bowser's Tower 1 (site)

This playlist has a playthrough of the “Bowser’s Tower” feature, as well as a couple samples of the in-game music!

Around the Web:

Allan & Nicole: A Miiverse Romantic Tragedy in One Act

You’ve probably seen a few posts and/or videos about the odd people on MiiVerse, and this video is a perfect example of some of the kinds of people you find on there. Absolutely hysterical!

Skyward Sword is Serious Business

Woah… just, woah.

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