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The Worst of Miivere – Jan. 18, 2014

The Worst of Miivere – Jan. 18, 2014

by Steve CullumJanuary 18, 2014


Last week, we started our new article series, “The Worst of Miiverse.” While Miiverse can be extremely helpful in getting help on a particularly tough level, sharing your achievements, and posting about your love of a specific game, the gaming social network also has a lot of random posts. Yes, we know not everyone has a 20+ year history of playing Nintendo games, a college education, and the ability to think clearly 100% of the time. So, some of these are merely posted in ignorance or immaturity. They are still funny, though.

This week, we dive into 10 more of the worst, funniest, and downright odd findings on Miiverse. What have we learned? There are people who are jumping into Metroid for the first time, some who think Nintendo makes the Barbie games themselves, another who thinks the next Pokemon game should be subtitled after a people-group, and yet one more who hasn’t figured out who Luigi is yet. It doesn’t stop there, though. A couple think there is a sequel to Mario Galaxy with COD players on the Xbox One, another doesn’t yet understand there is a new community for every new game on Wii U, and one person just needs to relieve himself. Check out this week’s gallery below.

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Thanks to @BadMiiversePost on Twitter for the inspiration and help finding many of these. If you run across a bad Miiverse post, please feel free to submit it in the comments, our forums, or contact us, and it might be featured in a future post.


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