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What’s New on YouTube? (01/18/2014)

What’s New on YouTube? (01/18/2014)

by Alexandre TrottierJanuary 18, 2014

“What’s New on YouTube?” is a new feature that showcases the new content on NintendoFuse’s YouTube page, as well as a couple interesting Nintendo-related videos from around the web. Every Monday is “Music Monday”, where we upload a new song from Nintendo games. You can even vote on what next week’s song will be in the comments. On “Feature Fridays”, we’ll try to upload at least one new video feature. Additional content such as playthroughs and commentaries may pop up at random throughout the week. 

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New on NintendoFuse:

Top 3 A Link Between Worlds Bosses

Video - Top 3 ALBW Bosses

Check out Alex’s top 3 Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds bosses! Be sure to leave a comment, letting us know what YOUR three favourites are.

Audio – A Link Between Worlds Title Screen

Audio - ALBW Title Screen

The latest Zelda game has some really cool music. This is what plays during the first few minutes after opening the game.

Old on NintendoFuse:

Mario Party: Island Tour – Rocket Road Playthrough

Video - Mario Party Rocket Road

Mario Party: Island Tour’s “Mario Galaxy”-themed level is pretty darn cool. In his review, Alex praised the game for its shorter stages, and this is it. Watch as he gets his butt kicked while racing for Rosalina!

Brother & Sister Playthrough: DuckTales

Video - DuckTales 1

To promote our DuckTales fan art contest, Alex and his sister recorded a playthrough of the Transylvania level in DuckTales for the NES! Full of frustration, confusion and ducks that are too cool for pants.

Around the web:

Allan & Nicole 2: The Return of Jafar

Another look into the life of the unfortunate Allan and his attempts to woo Nicole via Miiverse. Oh, young love…

Pixelmon Version 3.0 Trailer: Evolution

A few months ago, I posted about Pixelmon, a Pokemon/Minecraft mod. Version 3.0 should be coming at the end of January, so here’s a trailer to get you excited!

Super Smash Flash Version 0.9b Trailer

Flash game developer Mcleodgaming has been working on a Super Smash Bros. Flash game for the past few years, and it’s absolutely incredible. When the next version goes up I’ll make a post on the site, but for now enjoy this trailer!

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