New Renegade Kid FPS Coming to 3DS

This morning, IGN revealed Renegade Kid’s new project, Moon Chronicles, a re-make of the DS game “Moon” set in an episodic format with new, original content to come in “Season 2″.

The game is being priced out in such a way that the first four chapters (and a few additional missions), around 4 hours of content, will cost $8.99, and episodes 2-4 will be available as DLC for $1.99 and include 2 hours of content each. Season 2 will be completely new, and is likely to arrive some time next year.

The game is set to run at 60 fps with or without 3D enabled, and has been built from the ground up for Nintendo’s latest handheld. Moon Chronicles promises to look even better than the original, and will give gamers a non Monster Hunter-related reason to pull out their Circle Pad Pros.

Set in the year 2058, Season 1 follows Major Kane as he tries to uncover the secret behind a series of mysterious hatches found on the surface of the moon. Inspired by TV shows by Lost, Renegade Kid hopes to make Season 2 even more story-driven.

I, personally, cannot wait for the new title. It’s scheduled to release this Spring, around March or April! Stay tuned to the latest buzz about the game by following @JoolsWatsham or @renegadekidATX on Twitter.

IGN even provided some 3D screenshots, which you can view through your 3DS by scanning the QR code below:

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  • Steve

    I never played Moon, but after hearing this, I’m intrigued by its return! The RK team seems like they really know what they are doing, too, so it should be good.