Pending Kickstarter Funding, Space Pioneer Coming to Wii U

Space Pioneer Wii U Logo

Are you ready to move into deep space on Wii U? The team from Space Enigma Studios hopes you are. This group of astronauts, scientists, writers, artists, designers, and architects have come together to develop Space Pioneer. They have stated, “We are creating an incredibly ambitious game.” From the sound of it, we totally agree.

“Space Pioneer is set in the not so distant future. Humanity has realized that what were once just scientific theories and concepts is incredible advancements have allowed humankind to expand beyond our own solar system and lay claim to the incredible vastness of our universe. You start out with a fully customizable spaceship that acts as a command center, of sorts. You can upgrade and tweak this craft to suit your every need. From there, you can build exoplanetary cities, construct elaborate space stations, and amass squadrons of spacecraft.”

Does that excite you like it does me? The studio goes on to say, “The simplest way to describe our game is that it is a space sim with real-time strategy and city building.” Space Pioneer will allow you to switch at will between the top-down mode and third-person perspective as you play through both single and multiplayer modes. While the single-player sounds great,  we feel the multiplayer has huge potential as you wage interplanetary war upon other players. What’s even more exciting? They have said, “Space Pioneer will release first on Windows and Linux. We are also guaranteeing development on Mac and Wii U.” That’s right. They believe in the Wii U, and they want to put their game on it.

If this sounds like something you would like, be sure to support their Kickstarter project. Please stay tuned for further development of Space Pioneer.







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  • Kaihaku

    Looks great. Reminds me of Privateer and Freelancer, the kind of games that I’ve been missing lately. Unfortunately, it’s been my experience that most Kickstarters looking for that kind of funding rarely succeed. I’m glad to chip in but I just don’t see $150,000 being raised. Hopefully they can use their initial Kickstarter success to find some private investment to give a second attempt a better chance at making it.