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Squids Odyssey Releasing This Spring!

Squids Odyssey Releasing This Spring!

by Alexandre TrottierFebruary 14, 2014

Have you heard of Squids? It’s a turn-based tactical RPG that has already been downloaded over two million times on PC and mobile! The game has been compared to Final Fantasy Tactics and Angry Birds, with the depth of classic Nintendo games.

The game is going to be coming to Wii U and 3DS with additional content some time this Spring! While you wait, check out the following trailer, Wii U/3DS screenshots and press release:

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Dive Into SQUIDS Odyssey RPG on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS This Spring
The Game Bakers’ underwater heroes sling onto new platforms in enhanced release with brand new “Wakame” campaign and other bonus content
MONTPELIER, France – February 13, 2014 – Have a hankering for fresh squid? Skip the sushi bar and pay a visit to the Nintendo eShop instead when SQUIDS Odyssey arrives on Wii U? and Nintendo 3DS? this spring. In this fanciful role-playing game from The Game Bakers, an insidious black ooze is seeping into the Squids’ lush underwater kingdom, turning ordinary crabs and shrimp into dangerous monsters. For the first time on consoles, join a brave shoal of Squid heroes on their quest to protect their homeland.
In this tactical RPG, the heroes’ squishy bodies become their best weapons: simply stretch a Squid’s tentacles, then let go to fling it across the battlefield. Choose among 15 Squids in four classes, each with unique abilities and attacks, to build the perfect party. Then lead your team into turn-based battles against corrupted crustaceans using the party’s strengths, the environment, and enemies’ weaknesses to devise strategic attacks. The game’s captivating adventure storyline and 90+ missions promise at least 15 hours of gameplay, while 65+ stat-boosting helmets provide numerous ways to customize.
As the ultimate SQUIDS compilation, SQUIDS Odyssey includes two campaigns previously released on PC and mobile devices with tons of improvement and tweaks, along with a brand new campaign in the Japanese kingdom of Wakame. SQUIDS Odyssey also includes a new Squid hero named Oktoku and four exclusive themed helmets. The controls have been completely reimagined for the Wii U console: players can use the Left Stick to aim and shoot, go hands-on with the Wii U GamePad touch screen, or even play exclusively on the GamePad. The Nintendo 3DS version features a choice between the +Control Pad or the Nintendo 3DS stylus, plus a gorgeous layered 3D effect that shows off the Squids’ underwater utopia like never before.
“We originally conceived SQUIDS with classic Nintendo games in mind. It’s an RPG with a colorful world, a fun story, and simple controls, but lots of gameplay depth like in the Zelda games,” says Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers’ creative director. “We’re thrilled that Nintendo has supported our dream of bringing our Squids to their hardware and can’t wait for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS players to dive in with these brave heroes.”
SQUIDS has become a globally recognized brand with more than two million game downloads to date. A digital comic book series is underway from APE Entertainment and a children’s television series is in early production. Learn more about SQUIDS on Facebook:
SQUIDS Odyssey press assets:
About The Game Bakers
An independent video game studio founded and staffed by industry veterans, The Game Bakers make games like they cook food: with a lot of care and a lot of love. After making a name for themselves with mobile games SQUIDSSQUIDS Wild West, and Combo Crew on mobile devices, the studio is turning their focus to console development starting with SQUIDS Odyssey shipping for Wii U? and Nintendo 3DS? in Spring 2014. They are also working on an unannounced licensed game to be released in 2014 alongside a major motion picture. To learn more, visit the company’s website at
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