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Miiverse Updates Bring Search, Verified Lists, Updated Favorites, and Post-Tag Spoilers

Miiverse Updates Bring Search, Verified Lists, Updated Favorites, and Post-Tag Spoilers

by Steve CullumMarch 19, 2014


Miiverse received yet another update today, which includes few new features on the 2DS/3DS and Wii U. First up is a much-needed search function within the community list. This is something I have been wanting for some time now, especially now that the community list is getting much bigger. You can also check out a specific list of posts made by verified users. Your favorite communities list can now be narrowed down by the games you’ve played. Finally, you can now add a spoiler tag after you’ve written your post. So, for those of you who realize you forgot to do that or if you’ve realized it actually did spoil something later, you can add it. Unfortunately, though, these features are not yet available on the web version of Miiverse.

Here is the full Miiverse post from Tom:

Hi there, it’s Tom at Nintendo.
We made an update to Miiverse today!

The update affects the Wii U and Nintendo 2DS/3DS versions of Miiverse (sorry, web version). We made quite a few changes inside and out, and here are the most notable changes that you should know about:

1. We added a new search functionality where you can search for a game’s community by title. Just press the search button on the list of communities screen, and enter the name of the game’s community you want to visit to display a matching list.

2. You can now see a list of posts made by verified Mii users, like me! We added a new button to the list of communities screen where it would show the posts made by Nintendo insiders.

3. You can now narrow down your Favorite Communities to communities of games you have played. Go to your Favorite Communities, press the button to show the communities of Wii U and 3DS games you’ve played.

4. You can now mark a post with a “Spoiler” tag after you made a post. This will come in handy when you forgot to mark a post with all the hidden secrets! You can also tag a comment that was made to your post with a Spoiler tag. Press the wrench icon on the lower right corner of the post/comment to give it a Spoiler tag or to delete it.

5. You can now post game screenshots in your Activity Feed! As long as the game has its own community and you’re able to post screenshots to it, you’ll be able to post game screenshots. This will be useful if you want to separate your posts from sharing a screenshot with everyone, or if you just want to keep it to yourself for your records or share with a smaller group.

Phew! That’s all I have for today.
Thanks for reading, and happy gaming!
(Sorry for the repost, had to fix the line breaks!)


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