LEGO Metroid Could be a Reality


Let this thought sink in just a bit… Remember back to the Nintendo investor briefing, when Iwata stated they were going to license out Nintendo characters more and more? Say hello to LEGO Metroid! While it is still a proof of concept right now, it could be a reality soon. A LEGO fan by the name of lizardman has created a set with Samus, Ridley, and the gunship.

So, now the big question: How can we make this a reality? The project is posted on LEGO CUUSOO, a platform that allows ideas to be posted and voted upon by fans. If the project reaches a specific number of supporters, 10,000 in this case, then it will be considered as on official LEGO set. All you need to do to show your support is to sign up. There is no cost involved, and you are not pledging to buy anything (contrary to something like Indiegogo or Kickstarter).

Check out lizardman’s LEGO CUUSOO page for more information about LEGO Metroid and to show your support.

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