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Twisted Fusion Looks for a Kickstart on Wii U eShop

Twisted Fusion Looks for a Kickstart on Wii U eShop

by Steve CullumApril 1, 2014


Are you looking for a great open action-based platformer on the Wii U? You might want to go support a game called Twisted Fusion, then. Developed by Lewis Pugh, a writer and podcast host for Infendo, this game stars Cora. She must defeat sinister slimes and monstrous mosquitoes with her dual water pistols.

Pugh is looking for £3,000 (approximately $5,000 US) of initial funding, but there are plenty of additional stretch-goals that will push the game way beyond the basic plan. So, if you think this is something you want to support, do so before Wednesday, April 30, 2014, at 6:27 PM EDT.


Twisted Fusion is best described as an ‘Open Platformer’; it’s not exactly Metroidvania but the entire game is connected without the need to jump to unwieldy menus or maps. Each section of the game is packed with mysterious areas and uncharted paths, giving you plenty of reasons to retrace your steps and use your new gear and abilities to unlock secrets in previously explored areas.

A significant part of Twisted Fusion is its combat; your main attack (Cora’s dual water pistols) have unlimited ammo, meaning she always has a means to dispatch her enemies even when her special weapons are depleted – this girl never backs down from a fight!

The game will also include a day/night and weather system; The time of day and weather also has an effect on the way monsters behave. At night for instance, you will encounter bigger and meaner foes whilst in rainy weather, monsters become ‘enraged’ and will attack with extra ferocity – these critters really hate water!

Take up your water pistols and join Cora on her epic adventure across floating islands and through dank dungeons as she fights to find a way home.




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