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Miiverse Updates to Change Web Version

Miiverse Updates to Change Web Version

by Steve CullumApril 2, 2014


When I signed into the web version of Miiverse today, I was greeted with the communities page, instead of the usual activity feed. When I clicked over to the activity feed, I realized Tom had posted news about an update to the web version. This update includes this change to initially go to the communities page, which replicates the Wii U and 3DS versions. The update also adds more visibility to users when they are not yet signed into Miiverse, by adding in comments to popular posts.

“Hi there, it’s Tom at Nintendo.

We made an update today that affects the web version of Miiverse. Read on for changes!

1. Changed the screen after sign in from the Activity Feed to the Communities screen. I hope you’ll check out our new communities!

2. You can now see more of Miiverse when you’re not signed in. Until now, you were only able to see a snippet of a few popular posts from select communities, but now you can see popular posts and their comments from all communities. This should give a little more visibility on what Miiverse is all about to those who haven’t yet joined.

That’s all I have for today.


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