First Impressions – Moon Chronicles (PAX East 2014)

I just finished playing Moon Chronicles from Renegade Kid. It is just an early build of the game, so I didn't expect much. The gameplay included a simple level and no enemies. This is a remake of their old Nintendo DS first-person shooter, where you control your main character using the circle-pad and either ABXY buttons or touch-screen. My preference was defintely the touch-screen, as it offered more precision than using the buttons. The touch-screen was also the location for hot-buttons to switch weapons, open doors, and pick up items.


Overall, I was pleased with the initial build. I was not overwhelmed by the graphics, but the game controlled rather well. I'm sure there will be many improvements by the time the game launches, so I am saving my final judgement until a later date. With Renegade Kid moving their development of Cult County to Wii U, this is now their only 3DS FPS. That's an genre that has not done well so far, so maybe Moon Chronicles will break through where others have failed.


Moon Chronicles is slated to release for the Nintendo 3DS in spring 2014.




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