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First Impressions – Treasurenauts (PAX East 2014)

First Impressions – Treasurenauts (PAX East 2014)

by Steve CullumApril 11, 2014

Renegade Kid is in full force at PAX East. The second game I tried was a new action-platformer called Treasurenauts. It features the main character from their other title, Mutant Mudds, as well as two other characters – a ninja and an explorer. You'll collect treasure as you go through one cave after another, but you need to also watch out for enemies, who are after you.

The main game operates like Sonic the Hedgehog. When you have treasure in your posession, you will drop it when hit. If you have no treasure when you get hit, you'll die. As you fight those enemies, you can equip one weapon – a sword, a gun, or bombs. Each have different benefits, so choose wisely.

The controls were extremely responsive, and the graphics looked great too. Renegade Kid really knows how to create a beautiful 3D platformer. While I only played a single-player demo, the final version will feature a two-player cooperative option via local play or download play, which should add even more fun to the game.

Treasurenauts will release for Nintendo 3DS in spring 2014, and it will feature 20 labyrinths to explore.


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