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Hex Heroes Needs Your Support to Make it to Wii U

Hex Heroes Needs Your Support to Make it to Wii U

by Steve CullumApril 14, 2014

Are you looking for more games to play on Wii U? Would you like it if there were some console-exclusive Wii U games? How about a party-style RTS with cameos from several other indie games? It might be night time for you to check out Hex Heroes — a Party RTS for Wii U from Prismatic Games. There is a bit of a problem, though. They need more support on Kickstarter to reach their $80,000 goal (by April 24, 2014).

“Hex Heroes is a multiplayer real time strategy game for Wii U where up to 4 players share the TV harvesting resources, building structures, fending off enemies, and exploring dangerous territories. Another player uses the gamepad to manage resources and teammates, make executive decisions, and survey the land from a bird’s eye view. Hex Heroes can be played solo, but we’re sure you’ll want to wrangle up some friends to join in!”

So, it looks like there is something for everyone. And if it reaches the @100,000 stretch-goal, online multiplayer will be included. Further, it is obvious that Prismatic Games believes in the Wii U and wants to give Wii U owners more and better games.

“We believe in Wii U. We’re all Wii U owners and are sold on the potential the gamepad affords party play. There’s so much interaction that’s yet to be experienced in games, and we’re certain Hex Heroes will make groundbreaking use of asymmetric gameplay.”

Find out more on the Hex Heroes Kickstarter page. And while you are there, be sure to pledge your support in order to make this game happen!

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