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BurgerTime World Tour to Drop Price Before Removal

BurgerTime World Tour to Drop Price Before Removal

by Steve CullumApril 15, 2014

BurgerTime is one of the classics, and MonkeyPaw Games created a great modern-day version of it a couple years ago. Unfortunately, their license agreement is expiring, and they must pull it from all online stores on April 30, 2014. That is the bad news.

The good news is that they are dropping the price for two weeks prior to removing it. You can now download BurgerTime World Tour from the Wii Shop Channel for just 500 Points (approximately $4.99). So, if you have not purchased this game, now is your chance! If you have already purchased it, MonkeyPaw has stated, “After April 30, 2014, players who have purchased the game should still be able to access their download.”

You can find out more in the official press release below.

UPDATE: When we reached out to MonkeyPaw Games to find out more information about the licensing agreement and if it will affect future games, they could not go into specifics about the contract talks, but they did have this to say:

“As for future re-imaging of games, it won’t affect anything. We remain dedicated to revitalizing and reinvigorating classic game franchises that are beloved by gamers everywhere.”




BurgerTime World Tour Price Drop

Get this special before Peter Pepper dashes off

San Jose, CA – April 15, 2014 – MonkeyPaw Games, Inc. has announced thatBurgerTime World Tour will now sell for a delicious $4.99 until April 30, 2014 when it will be removed from digital store fronts due to expiring licensing agreements.

After April 30, 2014, players who have purchased the game should still be able to access their download.

“Removing a game is never something we like to do, but it is part of the nature of working with retro game franchises,” said Ryan Olsen, PR Manager for MonkeyPaw Games. “For those that have yet to snack on the game, we are offering it at a tasty price before BurgerTime World Tour is taken off the menu.”

BurgerTime World Tour introduced fresh and meaty additions to the re-imagined franchise. BurgerTime featured platforming elements, boss characters and local plus online multiplayer to spice up the classic gaming favorite.


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