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Miiverse Update Brings Verified Users and Search to Web, Limits Comments to 3 Minutes

Miiverse Update Brings Verified Users and Search to Web, Limits Comments to 3 Minutes

by Steve CullumApril 23, 2014


Miiverse received another update today. Depending on who you are, this could be a case of good news bad news. What most will consider good news is that the verified users list and community search function has been added to the web version of Miiverse. What many will consider bad news is that you are now restricted to three minutes in commenting on another person’s post. This restriction does not exist, however, when commenting on your own posts. While this will definitely cut down on the moderating, but there are sure to be quite a few people who are sad to see Miiverse remove something they used to chat with their friends and followers.

Here is the official notice from Tom:

Hi everyone, it’s Tom at Nintendo. We made an update to Miiverse today, with some key changes:

1. The list of verified users posts and the community search feature has been added to the web version. These should now appear on the community list screen once you sign in on the web version.

2. After making a comment to another user’s post, you must now wait about 3 minutes to make another comment. You still can comment to your own posts as frequent as you like.

That all the news I have for today, thanks!


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