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Hive Jump Coming to Wii U

Hive Jump Coming to Wii U

by Alexandre TrottierApril 24, 2014

The Wii U has become a very popular venue for indie developers thanks to changes Nintendo has made since the days of the Wii Shop Channel. Not only is it easier than ever to become a Nintendo-approved developer, but their Web Framework and Unity compatibility make it quick and straightforward to bring games over to the console. Indies have been very pleased with Nintendo’s support thus far, which is incredible news! A few days ago, NintendoEnthusiast updated their list of upcoming eShop indie games to include over 240 titles. It’s definitely a great time to own a Wii U!

The lovely folks over at Graphite Lab had some fantastic news to share about the console:

Hive Jump is described as a “multiplayer sci-fi action shooter”, and takes place on a distant planet where mankind is at war with a race of bug-like creatures. Players will have to co-operate and master a vast arsenal to take on this threat. Procedurally generated levels mean players will always have something new to explore, and gathering resources will be used to upgrade your equipment. The game features a pixel art style, but the smooth animations and visual effects give it a modern twist.

Because the game is still under heavy development, many features have been left unconfirmed thus far. The PC version will have online multiplayer, but that functionality is still unconfirmed for Wii U. We don’t know how many players and types of controllers it will support, Wii U-specific features or a release window. Of course, all this information will come in due time!

Check out this awesome trailer while you wait:

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