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Wii U Exclusive Twisted Fusion Meets Funding Goal

Wii U Exclusive Twisted Fusion Meets Funding Goal

by Alexandre TrottierApril 24, 2014

On April 1st, we posted about a new eShop game coming exclusively to Wii U called Twisted Fusion, and now its funding goal has been met! The minimum goal was a very modest £3000, and we’re glad to see it succeed.

Twisted Fusion stars Cora, a red-headed heroine who uses her trusty water pistols to take out foes. The game is described as an open-world platformer, with plenty of secrets to discover and enemies to fight. One of the game’s unique features is a weather system that will affect the way you fight enemies: at night, enemies are bigger and more powerful, and in the rain they become enraged and more ferocious.

Even though the game’s minimum funding goal has been reached, there are still a few days left to try and unlock some of the stretch goals. At £4000 a free bonus mode called Cora-Bolt U will be released as free DLC. It will feature auto-running gameplay and over 100 levels. Head over to the Kickstarter page to support them. A donation of approximately $10 will not only help push the campaign closer to the next stretch goal, but also land you a copy of the game.

If you haven’t seen the Kickstarter video, check it out right here:

Twisted Fusion is coming from Lewis Pugh of Infendo, and we wish his campaign the best of luck as it approaches the final stretch!

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