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Nintendo’s FY2014 Briefing – What You Need to Know

Nintendo’s FY2014 Briefing – What You Need to Know

by Alexandre TrottierMay 7, 2014

You may or may not have already heard about The Big N’s investor briefing that was held today in Japan. We got updates on games coming to the Wii U/3DS, how NFC will be utilized, Quality of Life information and more!

The news can be found on Nintendo’s Japanese site <a “http:=”””” ir=”” library=”” events=”” 140508=”” index.html”=””> here . If some of the information is confusing or features question marks (?), it’s because the text is being translated directly from Japanese and some information might be difficult to understand.

-Games mentioned include:
– Tomadatchi Life (Coming soon to North America)
– Super Smash Bros. for NINTENDO 3DS (Releasing this Summer)
– Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (Winter)
– Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (Coming this November)
– Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (2015)
– Mario Kart 8 (May)
– Sonic Boom
– LEGO Ninjago Nindroids
– Skylanders Trap Team
– Watch_Dogs
– Shovel Knight
– Scram Kitty and his Buddy On Rails
– 1001 Spikes
– Armillo
– Siesta Fiesta
– Moon Chronicles
– Yokai Watch 2
– They will show off a game that can be achieved because there is a Wii U GamePad (Something that can only be done with a GamePad?) at E3
– Summer update will allow users to “quick start” into a game when they boot up the Wii U, saving about 20 seconds of load times
– More “quality of life” information should be out by the end of the year
– Smartphone apps coming soon, first one will be called Mario Kart TV that will post race highlights and ranking info(?). Should be out by the end of the fiscal year.
– You will be able to log in with your NNID, or use it without one
– Download sales have increased significantly over the past two years thanks to the eShop
– More information about NFC (Near-Field Communications) figurines (called NFP, Nintendo Figurine Platform) will be unveiled at E3
– Showed off a Mario figurine, and mentioned that you could put data from different pieces of software on it to “personalize” the figurine
– Nintendo looking into ways to license out their character IPs

Check out the tweets below for more information, videos and images from the investor briefing!

*This “pillar” is the Quality of Life information talked about in January (we still know very little about it)*

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