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Nintendo Responds to Tomodachi Life Marriage Controversy

Nintendo Responds to Tomodachi Life Marriage Controversy

by Steve CullumMay 9, 2014


If you’ve not heard, Nintendo has been getting some heat lately from their Tomodachi Life game. For those unfamiliar with this game, it is a life sim with Mii characters. You cannot really control marriages, as if the sim wants your Mii to get married, you will. Apparently, the release version, though, allowed for same-sex marriages among men. What we found out was this was due to a coding error. A patch disallowed this, and many people began getting angry. Here is what Nintendo of America had to say:

“We apologize for disappointing many people by failing to include same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to change this game’s design, and such a significant development change can’t be accomplished with a post-ship patch. At Nintendo, dedication has always meant going beyond the games to promote a sense of community, and to share a spirit of fun and joy. We are committed to advancing our longtime company values of fun and entertainment for everyone. We pledge that if we create a next installment in the Tomodachi series, we will strive to design a game-play experience from the ground up that is more inclusive, and better represents all players.”

So, it looks like this version of Tomodachi will not change, but there is a possibility they may allow same-sex marriages in future versions.

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  • Swaginternational curtis
    May 11, 2014 at 11:24 am

    I think since this game isn’t really meant for adults, more a kids type of game. ranging around 10-12 I think that it wouldn’t be appropriate for them in anyway to have same-sex marriages. A mother sees her child playing a game where he married someone from his same gender. The reaction may be horrendous

    • Alexandre Trottier
      May 11, 2014 at 11:29 pm

      Being open about sexuality is very important, even at a young age. Gender stereotypes that tell boys that they can only date girls and vice-versa are the reason some people end up so confused and miserable later on in life. Sexuality isn’t a choice, and as such it should be acknowledged so that people don’t feel like there’s something wrong with them.

      That said, a lot of parents, especially in the coming generations, will likely be more open to homosexuality because they understand how and why it happens. It’s a shame that some people are still appalled by the idea of a man marrying another man, but I’m glad that Nintendo has acknowledged that they’ll try to represent a wider variety of sexualities in the future.

    • Kaele
      June 12, 2014 at 6:07 pm

      I have been playing this game for about a long time all ready. I have created miis that I wanted in this game and I had a couple that I wanted together before I received the game. They had the same genders and when I heard that the weren’t going to have same gender relationships I was extremely disappointed. I had to change the othe mii into a different gender so now it is a boy dressing as a girl on that game. I am 13 and support gay rights fully and I had my younger sister and my own mom watch me play this game and they didn’t say a word about my cross dressing boy with pink hair.

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