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Mario Kart 8 Marathon Jumpstarts “Driving Home Accessibility” Fundraising Campaign

Mario Kart 8 Marathon Jumpstarts “Driving Home Accessibility” Fundraising Campaign

by Jeremy HardinMay 29, 2014


On May 30th, the AbleGamers Charity Begins a $200,000 Funding Drive to Bring Video Gaming to Those Left out in the Disability Community
Harpers Ferry, WV – May 29, 2014– AbleGamers Charity celebrates the launch of Driving Home Accessibility with a 12-hour Mario Kart 8 streaming marathon. We’ll be driving with viewers in the stream all day on launch day of the latest iteration in the Mario Kart series. Viewers can challenge AbleGamers team members to races throughout the event.

Evil Controllers will be sponsoring the launch by giving away customized Wii U controllers during the event.

“Evil Controllers is proud to support this exciting initiative by our friends at the AbleGamers Charity,” said Adam Coe, founder of Evil Controllers. “This project is a wonderful opportunity to reach and share the joy of video gaming with an infinite number of gamers with disabilities who can’t leave the places they call home.”

AbleGamers is asking people to make teams and play games to help us raise over $200,000 to build a giant van, fill it with accessible technology, and take it around the country to veteran centers, children’s hospitals, and long-term living facilities, assessing the needs of individuals with disabilities, and then giving them the technology they need to play games, right on the spot.

“What’s great about Driving Home Accessibility is that once we get the van funded and built, we can continue to drive around the country and reach gamers who can’t come to us for years to come,” said Mark Barlet, Founder and Executive Director of the AbleGamers Charity. “In a few years, who knows? Maybe we’ll build a fleet of vans supported by the power of the gaming community that can reach every hospital across the nation. Then we can truly say no gamer was left behind.”

SquidGrip, makers of anti-slip controller covers, will also be on hand, giving away prizes during the stream.

Sign up and make a team

Viewers can tune in starting at 11 AM EDT on Friday, May 30th for the chance to win and join in on the fun.

About AbleGamers
The AbleGamers Charity is a 501(c)(3) public charity that runs, which provides news and reviews on the accessibility of mainstream video game titles, as well as consultation on assistive technology.  As an alternative to Serious Gaming, mainstream video games supply many disabled individuals and veterans with rehabilitation as well as social stimulation in situations where they may be otherwise shut out of society’s idea of normal everyday life.
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