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Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Q&A at E3 2014

Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Q&A at E3 2014

by Steve CullumJune 10, 2014


At the end of the Super Smash Bros. roundtable discussion at E3 2014, they had a question and answer time. Here is what was asked and the answers given.

Q: Why are the 3DS and Wii U versions coming out separately?
A: To provide time for debugging. The games are very large and it takes several hundred staff a lot of time to debug each game.

Q: Will Nintendo do more Super Smash Bros. tournaments?
A: No comment. Different people coordinate those things.

Q: How does the 3DS to Wii U transfer work?
A: Cannot give further details on transferring characters between Wii U and 3DS until the Wii U version comes out.

Q: Why were transformations removed?
A: We want people to focus on each character.

Q: How are you balancing the game?
A: It’s hard to balance the games. Sakurai worked both by himself and closely on a committee of four people for previous Smash Bros. games. Now, he has a team of 12 people. They are aware of Brawl’s unbalance and want to appeal to a broader audience this time. Smash is more of a party game, where some characters are suited for 2-player battles, and others are better for 4-player battles. The same goes for items turned on or off.

Q: What is your philosophy in menu design — making them stylish and easy to use?
A: Sakurai loves menus. He wrote a column for Famitsu all about it. He makes the important menu items big and easy to understand.

Q: When was it decided to add Greninja?
A: Most characters were decided at the start of development, including PAC-MAN and Greninja. The Greninja reference materials were just drawings at that time, but Sakarai had a big part in choosing the characters in Smash Bros.

Q: How are you ensuring online will work better this time?
A: Sakurai believes he gave players too many options in Brawl so people could play a number of different ways. The options will be limited this time. In terms of the connection, they are still working on that. A good connection is still dependent on individual’s connection, though.

That’s it for the Super Smash Bros. roundtable Q&A. What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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