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First Impressions – Super Smash Bros. from Smash-Fest at Best Buy (Barry)

First Impressions – Super Smash Bros. from Smash-Fest at Best Buy (Barry)

by Barry CarenzaJune 11, 2014


For those of you wondering what you’ll get to see, here’s my experience at my local Best Buy. You can also check out how Greg and Steve’s experiences differed! I arrived just after 3pm, figured an hour early was good enough….nope. Here’s where I entered the line…and this is around the building.

2014-06-11 15.11.27

So before it even hit 4pm, the time that it began, Mother Nature decided that we all needed to take a shower. Thankfully the rain didn’t hang around for long. At this time I decided to turn around and here’s what it looked like behind me. The line was now around the back of the store.

2014-06-11 16.07.33

At around 5pm, I finally rounded the corner. Here’s what stood between me and the front door to Smash goodness. At this time they also came out and said due to the long line, instead of getting a practice round and a real round, we were getting just one round to play. While that stinks that we all had our play time cut in half, it was more than understandable seeing how many people were waiting.

2014-06-11 16.25.44

At around 6pm, I was just inches from the front door…so close and yet so far…

2014-06-11 18.11.54

Finally they allowed me and 14 other people inside and we were greeted to…another line. At least I could see my destination.

2014-06-11 18.29.59

Thankfully they had two Best Buy employees with two 3DS XL’s each so that we could play 1 VS 1 Smash while waiting to play on the Wii U.

2014-06-11 18.56.03

Finally the time arrived for the main event!

2014-06-11 19.14.22

So after almost 4 hours of waiting, I got to play both the 3DS and the Wii U versions of Smash. What are my thoughts?

3DS: The 3DS version ran smooth…very very smooth. I was very impressed. The art style was perfect for the handheld and for Smash in general. The controls on the other hand…I found a little bit stiff and not as comfortable. However, I only got to play for two minutes and I’m sure that after some more time with the game, it will feel better. I got to mess around with Mega Man, which was probably a mistake since I didn’t get to really feel out the character in such a short amount of time. But I enjoyed it and look forward to having more hands on time with the game.

Wii U: This is the version that’s been shown off the most and let me tell you, it doesn’t disappoint in person. The graphics look amazing. Truly breathtaking. I sort of wish I had more time to sit and just watch more battles. They had the Wii U Pro Controller for us to use, which was a shame as I really wanted to see the GameCube adapter in action. I have only played Smash with the N64 controller or the GameCube controller so it was certainly different using the Pro Controller. Not different bad, just not what I was used to. Took me a little time just to get the controls down but once I did, they felt very good. The frame rate was steady and the action ruthless. I picked Pit this time, but they’ve done so much work on him, he felt like a whole new character. I can also tell that it’s been far too long since I’ve really sat down and played Smash as I was a bit rusty, but I still had a blast. The wait for this game is going to be beyond killer. Holiday 2014 can’t come soon enough.

After the match, they had some free giveaways. They had a Mario Kart 8 checkered flag, a Smash Bros. pin, Smash Bros. Stickers, Kirby’s Triple Deluxe erasers, and I think something else. By the time I got done with my match, most of the giveaways were gone and they were limiting them to one per person. So I grabbed one of the remaining package of Kirby erasers since they were the most appealing. I also went ahead and pre-ordered the 3DS version there to snag myself a spiffy Gold Smash coin when the game is released. Already had the Wii U version pre-ordered from Amazon.

2014-06-11 19.58.312014-06-11 19.58.16

When leaving the store, I decided to turn towards the line and see just how many people were still waiting…turns out Nintendo hit a home run with this event. The line was still around the building at almost 7pm.

2014-06-11 19.21.37

All in all, it was an awesome experience and if you’re even remotely interested in either version of Smash Bros, I HIGHLY recommend you go test it out for yourself. There’s still one more chance and that’s this Saturday, June 14th from Noon till 5pm. Stay tuned to our Post-E3 Podcast this Thursday, June 12th at 9:30pm EST for more Smash impressions. And as a bonus, I recorded one of the matches before I was able to play, so enjoy some more Smash goodness!

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