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First Impressions – Super Smash Bros. from Smash-Fest at Best Buy (Greg)

First Impressions – Super Smash Bros. from Smash-Fest at Best Buy (Greg)

by Greg DabkeyJune 12, 2014

Like Barry and Steve, I also took some time to check out the Super Smash Bros. game for Wii U at the local Best Buy.

The experience was very limited since I arrived later than I had wanted.  Anyways, I went for about 6pm (when it started at 4pm) thanks to work.  I was greeted by line that wrapped around the inside of the store which included up and down aisles.  When arrived, the helpful employees notified me it would about a 3 hour wait and that I may or may not have a chance to play.  He had also estimated about 300 people in the line.  He also informed me and others around me that at the current time they were giving out 2 minute matches, and sets of 4 would get 2 matches.  So it was estimated to be about 4-10 minutes per group accounting for sudden death showdowns, character selection and stage selection in addition to moving people out of the way.

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I didn’t let that turn away my excitement.  Within an hour or so, I informed the employee that my colleagues were told their Best Buy reduced it to a single match to allow more people to play.  He came back later on to say that they would now be enforcing a single match per group.  I still had my doubts if I would make it through the line and there were a few groups of people in front of me that left the line as they had felt discouraged.  About 8:30pm (half hour left of the event) I had plenty of doubt, there were still at least 50 people in front of me and I was questioning whether it was worth it to wait.  I figured since I already waited close to two and a half hours, I might as well see it through.  I had passed the time killing my 3DS battery with streetpasses, and searching Twitter for the new game announcement and details.

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About 8:45pm, the employees were doing the math and got it sorted out.  I would be in the second to last group to play for the day!  After the final group, the employees handed out red Nintendo wristbands and Smash Brothers buttons to those that couldn’t play that day.  Apparently the red band gave them a pass to the front of the line for the Saturday event.  Fast forward a half hour.  I was going to be in the next group.  Someone jumped the line to get a second match!  Well thankfully he was caught and the game was reset to make sure that the proper person was able to play.

When I was finally able to see the TV screen, what I saw was pure beauty.  It looked incredible, the details of the stages, the backgrounds, the characters (fighters + items + pokemon, etc), everything.  What I witnessed seemed to be pure enjoyment – the excitement of the players yelling and screaming, the expressions of passion, truly this game looked and felt like could deliver Nintendo their hopes and dreams of the Wii U selling out this holiday season.  Hundreds of fans that got to see and experience this game at my local Best Buy – but to draw that out to the thousands or perhaps even hundred thousand across the country has given me a new level of excitement.

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I unfortunately was only able to play a single 2 minute match.  I also was only able to use the Pro Controller as well.  The controls felt foreign to me.  I would imagine with repeated playing I would grow familiar to them.  In the mean time I think I will be practicing with the Classic Controller Pro for Brawl since it mirrored those controls.  A was attack, B for special, X & Y to jump (along with up on the joystick).  Simple and straight forward.  I had wanted to pick Mega Man – but someone else had selected them and not wanting to be a clone or wannabe player, I made a split second decision to pick my third best character Pikachu.   I regret not picking my runner up choice like Rosalina or Wii Fit Trainer, but I’ll have lots of time to experience them later.

We battled in the fighting ring stage.  I didn’t seem to get attacked a lot, but I made an effort (probably a poor one) to fight.  I was attempting to force the controls to work to my favor, but had trouble finding the B button.  I also managed to not really jump a lot as using X/Y seemed somewhat hard for me for some unknown reason.  The game played great, fast paced like Melee.  I got a few kills, used the lightning attack and some charge attacks.  It was definitely pure fun and enjoyment, and I know I will have lots of work ahead if I plan to compete with NintendoFuse staff and members.

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