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REVIEW – Chubbins (Wii U)

REVIEW – Chubbins (Wii U)

by Jeremy HardinJune 30, 2014


Game – Chubbins
Version – Wii U
Rating – E for Everyone
Price – $5.99
Obtained – Review Code courtesy of Dahku Creations

What do you think of when you hear the word bunny? Easter.  Fluffy.  Cute.  What about plump, and bouncy? That’s what you’ll think of bunnies after you get done with Chubbins – a game about a bunny that doesn’t stop bouncing.

Chubbins is a side scrolling platformer with an interesting mechanic – you constantly bounce.  It’s your job to move Chubbins left and right as he makes his way to the exit of each level.  This sounds simple, but there are other factors that come into play which ramp up the difficulty.  Being that this is a platformer, the most important piece is the ground.  Although in Chubbins, you don’t have ground, just a lot of blocks.  What’s unique about these blocks is that they have the ability to control the height, and direction of your bounces.  And trust me, the level design is intense and will keep you on your toes.  What makes everything even more challenging are all the enemies and obstacles in your way.  You’ll face off against spikes, ground and aerial based enemies, boss battles and more.  Plus, if Chubbins takes one hit, he dies and you’re either brought back to the beginning of the level or to the most recent checkpoint you activated.  Thankfully you have unlimited lives, and trust me, you’re going to need them.

The game also features a timer which tracks how long it takes you to beat each of the 5 worlds.  This is great for all those who want an additional challenge and some bragging rights on Miiverse.  There are two difficulties, soft or hard and also a Time Attack mode for those who want to focus on acheiving the best times.

The one glaring omission is the lack of a save feature after each level.  This is frustrating because it means you can’t just play one level and quit, you have to complete the whole world, including the boss fight in order to save your progress.  I really hope Dahku will fix this in a future update.

Every few levels you’ll face off against a boss in a room with an orb.  The orb needs to be shattered and the only way to do this is to bounce on it.  There is no explanation as to why there is an orb that damages the boss, but you work with what you’ve got.  Controlling Chubbins is incredibly easy, but it does take some getting used to as you bounce across the levels.  Thankfully, the levels ease you into the difficulty so it’s easy to get accustomed to the controls.

Visually, Chubbins is a bit plain, but not boring.  I enjoyed the rotating backgrounds in their simplistic designs.  I was reminded of the special zones in Sonic the Hedgehog every time I played Chubbins.  The audio is good while you’re listening to it, but nothing memorable.  However, I speak for myself and my children when I say that the squeaks Chubbins makes when he dies are memorable and they brought smiles to my kids faces every time.  In fact, it sent them into a fit of giggles more than once.  Who knew death could sound so cute and be so funny?

I came into my time with Chubbins a skeptic.  I didn’t think I’d enjoy the game, and I figured it was going to be a dud.  I’m so glad to say, I was wrong.  Chubbins is entertaining, challenging, and a blast to play! Now all it really needs is a level save feature, DLC levels, or heck, even a level editor.  If you’re  a fan of platformers, do yourself a favor and pick up a copy.  It’s a great purchase!

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Final Score: 7 out of 10

+ Challenging
+ Pick up and play
+ Content

– Save only between world (long play sessions)

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