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How to Duck in Shovel Knight

How to Duck in Shovel Knight

by Steve CullumAugust 1, 2014


Have you been playing Shovel Knight but wondering what that down button is doing? Yacht Club Games developers have shed some light on the subject of this useless duck. Here is what they had to say on their blog:

See!? He’s ducking!! When you press the down button in Shovel Knight, you perform a teeny, tiny little duck. The duck serves no gameplay purpose , your hit box does not change, and it doesn’t help you dodge anything… you may do with it as you will. We think it looks like a dance. And you can do it as fast as you want! After reading our elaborations on our previous two examples, you can probably guess a few reasons we included this pointless maneuver. It provides humor (as you duck to match NPC’s, or duck wildly when a conversation gets too dry), it’s cute, and it shows the game is a little silly and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You can use it to participate during dances too! But most importantly, it does something that old Nintendo games did so well… it reminds you of the toyish nature of a game.

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