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Additional Trophy information for Super Smash Bros.

Additional Trophy information for Super Smash Bros.

by Greg DabkeyAugust 7, 2014

Today’s Super Smash Bros update gave a sneak peak at one of the new trophies.

dr wily trophy


Additionally, some trophy information was also revealed with this.  It appears that some of the trophies can be purchased within the trophy shop.  Some of the trophies will have discounts as seen in the image below.  Since it’s for the 3DS version, it is unclear whether ‘Play Coins’ refers to the 3DS Currency earned while taking steps or if it refers to the in-game currency coins which has been present in past games.  Coins in past games were earned by playing single player mode, but also multiplayer smash battles.  It is likely the latter since 300 3DS play coins would be the max that can be held.trophy2

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