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Rumor – 8 more potential fighters to be added to Super Smash Bros?

Rumor – 8 more potential fighters to be added to Super Smash Bros?

by Greg DabkeyAugust 13, 2014

While browsing the good ol’ Super Smash Bros site, I noticed something interesting.  If you view the screens for “Pit”, in the bottom part of the frame that has all the fighters for easy navigation, it appears there are 8 empty boxes:



Prior to Lucina, Captain Falcon and Robin’s reveal, there were 3 boxes – and when they were officially added to the game the boxes had disappeared.  With today’s update to the site, these 8 boxes were added.  Who could the remaining 8 characters be?  A lot of speculation considers multiple are returning fighters – like Jigglypuff, Nes, and Wario.  The first two have been in every game and seem to be shoe-ins, Wario had some speculation when the game Super Smash Bros for 3DS was listed under a Wario character in the eShop.  Wario (series) also has assist trophies within game as well.

The question remains, who else is left?  Ganondorf?  Mewtwo?  Lucas?  Are any of them new fighters?  We will hopefully find out in the coming weeks.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS launches on 10/3 with the Wii U version available this holiday season later this year.

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