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Changes Coming to Miiverse

Changes Coming to Miiverse

by Steve CullumJuly 1, 2015

Some big changes are coming to Miiverse this summer. In a recent update, Tom shared the details of the upcoming redesign. Overall, it looks much prettier, but some players might find issue with a few changes that go beyond design.

You will soon have a private screenshot album for all your screenshots. Your play journal, which takes the place of general activity feed posts, allows you to journal your game progress easily. The design for each community will reflect three categories: play journals, drawings, and discussion. Also, you will no longer be restricted to post every three minutes. Instead, you will be held to 30 posts per day, which does not include in-game posts.


 What do you think of the redesign? Is it a good move for Nintendo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

[Source: Miiverse]

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