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Miiverse Facelift Coming July 29, 2015

Miiverse Facelift Coming July 29, 2015

by Steve CullumJuly 24, 2015


Earlier this summer, we reported that Nintendo’s Miiverse would soon receive a facelift and a few new rules. We now have word that it will arrive on July 29, 2015. Nintendo’s representative, Tom, took to Miiverse this morning to share more details concerning the update.

It seems the reasons for the update are not merely cosmetic. Instead, they wanted to get their social network back on the path they originally had for it — Nintendo games. Over its short life, it seems that the many have taken to Miiverse to strike up conversations and friendships with others. While we do not think Nintendo is against their fans connecting, they do believe it has taken away from their desired focus.

One of the upcoming changes involves the Activity Feed. Like Facebook’s News Feed, Nintendo originally created this feed to show activity on your posts and your friend’s posts. Over time, they began allowing users to post directly to the Activity Feed, though, which meant they could write things that were not related to a specific game’s community. For example, many of us at NintendoFuse post about upcoming podcasts in our individual Activity Feeds, in order to get the word out to our Miiverse friends and followers. Others have used it to conduct interviews or even carry on long conversations. Soon, this functionality will be gone, however, and the Miiverse community is not too happy.

Over the years, Nintendo has implemented new rules to try and cut down on the spam and non-gaming related content. One of the latest rules requires you to wait two minutes between any post or comment. This initially made people upset, but they have not grown accustomed to it. The upcoming update will take away that rule, but it will limit members to 30 posts per day. As expected, the Miiverse community again responded with mostly negativity.

Tom assures us that all of the upcoming changes will make Miiverse a better and more focused gaming community to allow “gamers to talk about games.” To these points, Tom continued by outlining some other concerns people have voiced:

1.) You will be able to attach screenshots to your drawings in the Drawings section

2.) It will be possible to post the screenshots saved in your Album section into your Play Journal

3.) We are planning to enable the posting of screenshots saved in the Album into the “Drawings” and “Discussion” sections as well. This will be implemented sometime in the near future

4.) Posts and comments made before the renewal will not be deleted and will be viewable after the renewal

5.) The Activity Feed will remain as it is, you just won’t be able to post in it. You can still see the posts made by your friends and the people that you are following

As stated earlier, there are many people who are not very happy about the upcoming Miiverse changes. While it looks to be a great aesthetic change, the rules have frustrated many users. Where do you fall? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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