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Super Mario Maker – Tips, Tricks and Unlockables!

Super Mario Maker – Tips, Tricks and Unlockables!

by Greg DabkeySeptember 22, 2015


Super Mario Maker doesn’t have complicated methods to unlock everything, but sometimes it’s not easily done to get everything.  Here’s what is unlockable:

Day 1: Bricks (breakable), ? Block, Rock, Ground rocks (typical floor platform), Pipes, Super Mushroom, Coin, Springboard, Goomba, Koopa Troopa, Piranha Plant, Wings.  You can select Super Mario Bros game style or New Super Mario Bros U game style.  You can only use Ground course style.

Day 2: Underground course style is now selectable.  The new tools are: Lakitu, Spiny, Moving platform, Fire Flower, Star 1-Up, Mystery Mushroom.

Day 3: Underwater course style is now available.  Tools include: Bullet Bill Cannon, Blooper, Cheep Cheep, Spike Brick, Platform Box.

Day 4: Castle course style pack unlocked.  Tools include: Hammer Bro, Buzzy Beetle, Thwomp, Fire (jumper enemy), Bowser, Music Note Block, Skull Raft and Firebar.  While playing the Mario Trail unlocks to see Marios last few movements.

Day 5: Super Mario Bros 3 game style unlocked.  Airship course style also unlocks.  Timer is now adjustable and autoscroll levels are available.  New tools include: Monty Mole, Bomb-Omb, Donut Hole, POW Block, Cloud platform, Flame Jet, Cannon, and Bridge tile.

Day 6: Super Mario World game style unlocked.  Ghost House course style is now available.  New tools include: Spiny, Boo, Dry Bones, Magic Koopa, Hidden ? Block, Vine, P-Switch, and Doors.

Day 7: Sound Effect menu is unlocked.   New tools are: Chomper, Wiggler, Yoshi/Goomba Shoe, Clown Car, and Arrow Sign.

Day 8: Only a few new tools are added.  Those are: Track Line, Conveyor Belt and Grinder

Day 9: Sub-world area is unlocked.  Drag Mario into a pipe and create a sub area.  Final course tools are unlocked which are: Ice blocks, Chain Chomp, and One Way Tiles.

These daily unlocks can be sped up by waiting for the notification of delivery and moving up the Wii U’s date.  Playing around in the editor for 5 minutes, which includes utilizing new course styles, game styles, and placing new tools help speed up the process.  Easiest to make new courses for each day (they can be replaced at any time).

Other unlocks:

Each day unlocks 1 course bot course to be completed.  These courses cannot be unlocked through the 10 Mario Challenge, nor count towards the completion of course bot courses.

10 Mario Challenge – 8 random coursebot courses appear for each run through.  Each unlocks after it is beaten.  However you must complete the eighth level before a new run through can be started.  After all course bot courses are unlocked, the Nintendo World Championship courses are unlocked.

Beating the four Nintendo World Championship courses, unlocks the Strange Mushroom for the Super Mario Bros game style.  This allows you to shake the mushroom to get the skinny version, which makes Mario taller, and jump farther.  This mushroom randomly appears in courses already, but this unlock allows you to set it permanently to use in course creation.

Amiibo costumes are unlocked by scanning the particular amiibo into the course editor, or by completing the 100 Mario Challenge.

Normal difficulty of 100 Mario challenge unlocks after completing Easy difficulty.  Expert unlocks after completing Normal difficulty.

Tricks: Many elements can be shaken to be completely different.  Shaking Boo turns it into a Boo Circle.  If a Boo is attached to a block, it will slide along the block instead of flying around.  Shaking Bowser transforms him into Bowser Junior.  Many enemies have alternate colors that behave differently.  Red Koopas only fly vertically with wings, while green ones will bounce.  Shaking a Bullet Bill Cannon makes it a Bullseye Cannon where it will shoot heat-seeking elements only when Mario is nearby.  Enemies also have giant forms.  These are made by dragging a Super Mushroom onto that enemy.  Beware that Giant Koopas or Beetles will break through blocks that normal Mario himself cannot break.  Giant Goombas will break into two normal sized ones.

If a Beetle or Spiny is shaken, it turns into the hat form.  While wearing this ‘hat’, Mario can be protected from Thwomps, or break other types of bricks.

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